Happy Valentine's Day: Smurf Orchids

/ Thursday, February 14, 2013 /

I really thought u bought me a tree
which made me a little sad
cuz the old tree would see the new tree
and probably be sad
when the old tree is trying so hard to make it


This was my convo with the finance, as I received my smurf orchid! He sent me a beautiful gardenia bonsai last year, and it grew lush and green all year. As winter approached and with the unstable the radiator in my office, the bonsai's been... not looking so hot. Jay's been telling me the past few days/weeks that he got me a replacement tree... and I was secretly a bit nervous! Thanks, Lover <3

Will you be my Bridesmaid?

/ Friday, February 1, 2013 /
The fiance and I jet-setted shortly after getting engaged, before we even had a chance to tell many of our friends in person, how it went down. I did want to ask my girls the honor of being my bridesmaids, sooner rather than later, so as we headed to the Dominican Republic, I sent each of them a boxed gift from < flourpotcookies.com. Now, I'm super finicky about stuff like this. Knowing me, I rather bake the cookie myself, frost it, bow it, wrap it, tie it, box it, mail it, all my freaking self... simply to ensure I know exactly how it will look when sent out and (hopefully) when opened. Sigh, but after seeing the photos online, and reading some of the reviews... eh, I was like okay... skeptical, but hopeful enough.


Turns out they arrived perfectly. The gift box came wrapped in a box, and delivered to each girls' doorstep. I was also worried the cookies would be overly sweet...as those frosted kinds could be, but surprisingly I hear they were very tasty, and not grossly sugary. Obviously they all said yes :)

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