Blue Print Cleanse: Skinny Bitches!

/ Tuesday, April 16, 2013 /

I'm in Day 2 of my 3rd BPC 3-day cleanse. Why do I do this? I actually pay good money, to drink juice and nothing but the juice. It functions as a "detox" – flushes out the toxins in your system, allows your body to reset and re-adjust. It does make me pee like crazy… so it must be flushing out something. My skin feels and looks much more resilient, and I do feel light and energized. Personally, I do it to jump-start healthier eating. I've been attempting a low-to-no carb and very protein-restrictive intake diet, and it's hard to just do it from scratch. I do expect to weigh less on the scale, how could you not? You're not eating! I also do expect to "gain" some of that back once I get some freakin' Shake Shack (just kidding) :( but it's a running start…and I feel light. I yearn to feel light. The ultimate feeling, aside from indulging in that first bite of truffle mac & cheese, is feeling...skinny. I'm about 5 days til' my cousin's wedding, about 2 weeks til' Miami, and 6 months til MY wedding. Skinny bitches, unite!

BTW/ This time around, I'm doing Excavation. I bought the drinks individually from FreshDirect, they deliver and its cheaper than ordering directly. (You will not get the "instructions" or the fancy emails and what not, but if it's not your first, and you're good at googling, you should be okay!) – Also, just to note, the Green juice.... is hard, I admit – but there is NO after-taste, and that my friend, is critical.

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