I Don't Believe in Karma

/ Friday, June 29, 2012 /
(I know the photo doesn't relate to the story...I'm just feeling new york-y!) Long story short, we love our doorman. Unfortunately we heard yesterday, that it was going to be his last day! Office buildings in the city, tend to swap their managing companies often, sometimes that means security management is outsourced, those companies then get turned over and bought out and swapped, anyways– he's being transferred. We wanted to do something nice, so we impromptu decided to get him a frappaccino on our way back from lunch. A tall grande mocha frap (with whip cream) turned into a 15 minute wait, and a lost order. Starbucks graciously upgraded us to a trente mocha frap (with extra whip cream) and threw in a free-drink-next-time, as a courtesy.

See what happens when you do something nice for someone? God forbid!
Happy Friday. "Love your neighbor, as yourself." –  Mark 12:31

Mair's Summer Essentials

/ Tuesday, June 26, 2012 /
1. Starbucks Tumbler Grand-To-Go Cup (Find in stores or on Amazon/Ebay.)
It feels like you're drinking Starbucks all day, even when it's actually mediocre office coffee... Haha. I think these are just so fun, and sturdy. They close tight, and don't scratch up and end up smelly. I use mine all day from ice coffee, to just ice and water. Stay hydrated!

2. Maybelline Baby Lips (Find at any drugstore or Target.)
I've read a lot beauty bloggers blog about these, and although I love my Dior Addict lip gloss (Thank you HK uniee!).... honestly, these are even better. They're not sticky (I hate sticky!), they're light, fresh, and come in super cute colors, but most of all, they protect your lips. (And of course, they are $2.99 as opposed to Dior's $30+!) These are a solid option for basic sun protection. They smell fun, and no biggie if you lose/drop them. Don't forget SPF for your lips!

3. Goody Stay-Put Elastics (Find them here.)
I wish I invented these myself. I have extremely thin, lightweight hair, and even I get frustrated when a pony-tail holder, just isn't holding. These babies have a ribbed texture, that-is-a-genius!! I will never use a regular hair-tie again. Seriously. Invest in the extra 50cents, you'll be amazed. Nothing beats putting your hair up on a hot sticky day...

4. Mac Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder (Wherever they sell MAC!)
I've been looking for a pressed powder, that does the job of Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. Frankly, I've stopped using Bare Escentuals, because it's so messy! (I lose more product than I use, and the tops of the canisters get covered in powder, and get ugly, and bleh... ) This is much more transparent you can barely see the white come off the powder onto your brush, but when you put it on, it gives you a very even, matte finish (more matte, than "glow" of Mineral Veil). It works well with my concealer + bb cream combo. I do wish the plastic/packaging of the compact itself was a little more sturdy. I feel like if were to drop it, the hinge would loosen or just crack in half. Control the shine! Shiny face = Not pretty face!

5. Dove Go Fresh Antiperspirant & Deodorant 
(Find at any drugstore or Target.)
I'm not that sweaty of a person, haha, but in 95+ degrees weather. Who doesn't?! I personally love the smell of the Cool Essentials collection by Dove. I find that other deodorants can be flaky, crusty, or smell very strong throughout the day. They rub off on your clothes, and yuck! I use Dove Go Fresh, and it's pretty fresh, if I say so myself. Cucumber + Green Tea is my favorite scent. (I'm extremely sensitive to artificial smells, this one I feel is rather pleasant, and subtle, but good enough to know I have it on and it's working.)

6. Bandaids!
I am one to admit, that I have sacrificed...pain, suffering, for beauty and shoes. I think we underestimate "foot health" and don't realize, the support and comfort of our feet, actually affect our posture, back, etc. But, once in awhile, super cute shoes, mean... super cute shoes... I carry bandaids all the time, especially in the summer. Never know when they'll come in handy!

7. Popsicle Makers (Find them here.)
Aren't these uber adorable!? Throw some organic plain yogurt + honey + fresh fruit in a blender, and pour them into any popsicle maker tray for a luscious, healthy, and delicious treat! Keeps you away from the gelato and ice cream and anything else that's really good but really bad for you. I just ordered these cones from Amazon.

8. Seche Vite, Dry Fast Top Coat (Learn more here.)
Bright manicures are a must have for the summer for me! This is the best top coat I've used thusfar. You can put globs and layers on each nail, and it will lock in your polish, dry quickly, with no bubbles, and extra glossy shine. I've only seen it at my local Ulta, hopefully they'll become more easy to find.

9. $20+ Flip Flops (Similar here.)

Don't get me wrong, I've had well enough my share of $1.99 flip flops from Target or Old Navy, but you really need to consider what the lack of support will do to your body over time. I've actually stopped wearing flip flops on a regular basis. Only for quick trips or super casual, very hot, lazy days. If you're going to wear 'em, you might as well invest in quality construction, sturdy materials, and an ergonomic design. Tory Burch, Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan, Havaianas, Fit Flops, any of those would work, actually rule of thumb, you should be in the green if you look for a pair over $20. They'll last the entire summer and then some, and your feet/knees/back won't be crying.

You Look Fabulous!

/ Friday, June 8, 2012 /

Although I'm tryna keep professional, haha, thought I'd share these photos here.
See original post on my portfolio site here: www.mkimm.com

I Love Yous & Good-Byes

/ Wednesday, June 6, 2012 /
At the end of any and every single Grey's Anatomy episode, I am left with the same sentiment: Cherish the one you love. (Warning: Spoiler Alert!) I figured out why I wasn't as disturbed as maybe I should have been, after this season's finale episode. (I know it's already been a few weeks since it's aired, but I promise it's relevant.) As heart-wrenching as it was, watching Lexy panting for air, as Dr. What's-His-Hot-Face was in denial that she was gonna croak.............they still, got to say what they needed to say, you know? She admitted she always loved him. He admitted he always loved her. Yes, it's still sad – but, how would it have been, if Lexy never said anything at all, and then, bam! Dead.?

My coworker asks me if I heard of a car accident in Jersey City that occurred last night. I hadn't, but apparently there was a 5-car pile-up on the NJ Turnpike, and her best friend's husband was the driver. They were on their way to celebrate their 5-year wedding anniversary, when he encountered unexpected heart failure, while behind the wheel. She was telling us that her friend had really only met her husband a few years ago, and though they've been married 5 years, that doesn't compare to many couples their age. "Finally finding your soulmate, later in life, yet not being able to spend forever with them, must be heartbreaking."

As I was saying... the fact that we take our loved ones for granted, is basically freaking ridiculous. It's probably one of the most worst things one can do. So, I promise myself– not to go to sleep angry, or close doors without saying, I love you and Good-bye. No silly hang-ups and storming off upset. It's immature and it's not worth it. Cherish your loved ones. They are God's gift to us.

I will now appropriately post a pic of me + my love! <3

P.S. You know you love it! We're super proud of this self-timer+jump photo :)

Mair's Tips for Hardcore Workouts

/ Tuesday, June 5, 2012 /

Best Workout Song, Ever.

I've successfully brainwashed a friend of mine to start P90X so I figured I'd give him some tips :) Some may be obvious, but I found these especially, CRUCIAL friends, CRUCIAL!

Clear Pee is the Best Pee
It's the same as food, if you don't drink enough, your body will hold on to it for dear life. One of the saddest things ever, is a higher number on the scale, due to WATER! And check your pee. Yellow is no good!

Hydrate with Electrolytes
You know how your sweat is salty? You need to put that salty goodness back into your body asap! Those lake puddles of sweat on your floor are the very minerals that basically keep your body, functioning–this includes properly burning calories, and developing muscles. And if you're thinking Gatorade....It can actually make you fat! 8oz is 50 liquid calories of that yummy lemon-lime. Throw back one of those nice wide-mouth bottles, and your down half of what you just burned. Drink 2, and congrats, you have successfully reversed your work out.

I personally like Emergen-C. It's fizzy! The bf prefers Ultima Replenisher. Zico Coconut Water is not bad either (none of the fun added flavor stuff tho!).

Beware of the Scale
Ugh, weighing yourself can be your worst enemy. Keeping measurements is key, but if you're going to step on that scale, do it at the same time of the day each time. (Hopefully you're working out and eating meals relatively at the same time each day, as well.) My favorite, is as soon as I wake up, and in my underooos. But, don't forget to be conscious of what is going on to your body before you step onto the bad boy. If you're just starting an intense work out phase and you are sore, your muscles are retaining onto anything possible throughout the healing process. A.K.A. You will weigh more– BUT if you're treating your body properly, in time, you should be seeing results on and off the scale. (If still, the numbers are progressively increasing...sorry buddy, you might have to reassess your diet!)

Food is Your Friend
Diet. Going cold turkey, may sound like a good idea at first, but really – it takes a very rare breed to be able to pull that off. Let's be realistic! Gradually cut portions, and slowly eat less of the not-so-great stuff. Start replacing instead of cutting out completely...like 1% milk instead of 2, multi-grain instead of white, quinoa instead of rice, honey instead of sugar, then –work your way up to the crazy stuff...salad instead of fries (omg, right?)... turkey bacon, instead of the piggies, sooner or later, you'll be able to JUST SAY NO. BUT - hold on, it's not the end of the world! Buffalo wings do still exist! Occasionally, if you've been good, REWARD yourself! Actually, it's pretty motivating, and even more derlicious if you know you've earned it.


/ /
And today, officially marks DAY 57 of Insanity! Holy Shit. (Except that number is slightly misleading because it actually means I have 6 work outs left.) See full calendar here.

So, how's it been? Well, for the past 2-3 years, I have embarked upon drastically improving my lifestyle. Taking responsibility for my overall health and fitness; eating habits, incorporating regular exercise into my every day routine, drinking water, cutting the crap, and all that good stuff. This especially includes encouraging loved ones to also take walks and eat healthier, and all that good stuff. And, the most valuable piece of information I have learned through this process?

I've struggled my entire child and adult life with my weight self-confidence. Although I've essentially been text-book overweight (and being short is no help!) for most of my life, to be completely honest - the scale was never the issue for me. I wasn't reprimanding myself and thinking, "Look, you're fat." It was more like, "Will he like me?" – I know. Psycho.

One of the greatest things about Insanity, is you feel like a freaking ROCKSTAR after a workout. You feel like you can freaking do anything. Conquer the mother fucking world. And, that feeling? Is addicting. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, it feels even better than losing weight. (And what better feelings in life than, losing weight? Besides sleeping and eating cheese fries!) You start looking forward to Shaun T– Day 2, 3, and on and on. And right, where you think you're getting used to it...Bam. Month 2. The real workouts begin. What a high..

All it is, is a game. And all you have to do, is decide you are going to win. It's simply overcoming the mental battle. I'm too tired, It's not going to work, But, I love potato chips, I'll start tomorrow, It's okay, Excuses, Whatever. Whatever. It is just, NOT okay. There is no option. You must do this. You feel a gurgle in your tummy, and that means you gotta take a shit. There is no choice. You must do it. Same thing. In the long run, it's life or death.
And so, for any guy, that has come through my life, claiming they like, dare I say, loved me – then told me I needed to lose weight in order to be with them. FUCK YOU.

To the old man at the Hello Kitty store, that nearly had a heart attackwhen my 6th grade self, walked in, and said, "Wow, little girl, you look healthy."
FUCK YOU. (I hope you get diabetes.)

To all the hot skinny bitches, that made me feel like shit. I FORGIVE YOU. It's not your fault, I guess it was me, that made me feel that way.

Good Luck! ;)

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