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/ Tuesday, June 5, 2012 /

Best Workout Song, Ever.

I've successfully brainwashed a friend of mine to start P90X so I figured I'd give him some tips :) Some may be obvious, but I found these especially, CRUCIAL friends, CRUCIAL!

Clear Pee is the Best Pee
It's the same as food, if you don't drink enough, your body will hold on to it for dear life. One of the saddest things ever, is a higher number on the scale, due to WATER! And check your pee. Yellow is no good!

Hydrate with Electrolytes
You know how your sweat is salty? You need to put that salty goodness back into your body asap! Those lake puddles of sweat on your floor are the very minerals that basically keep your body, functioning–this includes properly burning calories, and developing muscles. And if you're thinking Gatorade....It can actually make you fat! 8oz is 50 liquid calories of that yummy lemon-lime. Throw back one of those nice wide-mouth bottles, and your down half of what you just burned. Drink 2, and congrats, you have successfully reversed your work out.

I personally like Emergen-C. It's fizzy! The bf prefers Ultima Replenisher. Zico Coconut Water is not bad either (none of the fun added flavor stuff tho!).

Beware of the Scale
Ugh, weighing yourself can be your worst enemy. Keeping measurements is key, but if you're going to step on that scale, do it at the same time of the day each time. (Hopefully you're working out and eating meals relatively at the same time each day, as well.) My favorite, is as soon as I wake up, and in my underooos. But, don't forget to be conscious of what is going on to your body before you step onto the bad boy. If you're just starting an intense work out phase and you are sore, your muscles are retaining onto anything possible throughout the healing process. A.K.A. You will weigh more– BUT if you're treating your body properly, in time, you should be seeing results on and off the scale. (If still, the numbers are progressively increasing...sorry buddy, you might have to reassess your diet!)

Food is Your Friend
Diet. Going cold turkey, may sound like a good idea at first, but really – it takes a very rare breed to be able to pull that off. Let's be realistic! Gradually cut portions, and slowly eat less of the not-so-great stuff. Start replacing instead of cutting out 1% milk instead of 2, multi-grain instead of white, quinoa instead of rice, honey instead of sugar, then –work your way up to the crazy stuff...salad instead of fries (omg, right?)... turkey bacon, instead of the piggies, sooner or later, you'll be able to JUST SAY NO. BUT - hold on, it's not the end of the world! Buffalo wings do still exist! Occasionally, if you've been good, REWARD yourself! Actually, it's pretty motivating, and even more derlicious if you know you've earned it.


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