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And today, officially marks DAY 57 of Insanity! Holy Shit. (Except that number is slightly misleading because it actually means I have 6 work outs left.) See full calendar here.

So, how's it been? Well, for the past 2-3 years, I have embarked upon drastically improving my lifestyle. Taking responsibility for my overall health and fitness; eating habits, incorporating regular exercise into my every day routine, drinking water, cutting the crap, and all that good stuff. This especially includes encouraging loved ones to also take walks and eat healthier, and all that good stuff. And, the most valuable piece of information I have learned through this process?

I've struggled my entire child and adult life with my weight self-confidence. Although I've essentially been text-book overweight (and being short is no help!) for most of my life, to be completely honest - the scale was never the issue for me. I wasn't reprimanding myself and thinking, "Look, you're fat." It was more like, "Will he like me?" – I know. Psycho.

One of the greatest things about Insanity, is you feel like a freaking ROCKSTAR after a workout. You feel like you can freaking do anything. Conquer the mother fucking world. And, that feeling? Is addicting. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, it feels even better than losing weight. (And what better feelings in life than, losing weight? Besides sleeping and eating cheese fries!) You start looking forward to Shaun T– Day 2, 3, and on and on. And right, where you think you're getting used to it...Bam. Month 2. The real workouts begin. What a high..

All it is, is a game. And all you have to do, is decide you are going to win. It's simply overcoming the mental battle. I'm too tired, It's not going to work, But, I love potato chips, I'll start tomorrow, It's okay, Excuses, Whatever. Whatever. It is just, NOT okay. There is no option. You must do this. You feel a gurgle in your tummy, and that means you gotta take a shit. There is no choice. You must do it. Same thing. In the long run, it's life or death.
And so, for any guy, that has come through my life, claiming they like, dare I say, loved me – then told me I needed to lose weight in order to be with them. FUCK YOU.

To the old man at the Hello Kitty store, that nearly had a heart attackwhen my 6th grade self, walked in, and said, "Wow, little girl, you look healthy."
FUCK YOU. (I hope you get diabetes.)

To all the hot skinny bitches, that made me feel like shit. I FORGIVE YOU. It's not your fault, I guess it was me, that made me feel that way.

Good Luck! ;)


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