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/ Wednesday, June 6, 2012 /
At the end of any and every single Grey's Anatomy episode, I am left with the same sentiment: Cherish the one you love. (Warning: Spoiler Alert!) I figured out why I wasn't as disturbed as maybe I should have been, after this season's finale episode. (I know it's already been a few weeks since it's aired, but I promise it's relevant.) As heart-wrenching as it was, watching Lexy panting for air, as Dr. What's-His-Hot-Face was in denial that she was gonna croak.............they still, got to say what they needed to say, you know? She admitted she always loved him. He admitted he always loved her. Yes, it's still sad – but, how would it have been, if Lexy never said anything at all, and then, bam! Dead.?

My coworker asks me if I heard of a car accident in Jersey City that occurred last night. I hadn't, but apparently there was a 5-car pile-up on the NJ Turnpike, and her best friend's husband was the driver. They were on their way to celebrate their 5-year wedding anniversary, when he encountered unexpected heart failure, while behind the wheel. She was telling us that her friend had really only met her husband a few years ago, and though they've been married 5 years, that doesn't compare to many couples their age. "Finally finding your soulmate, later in life, yet not being able to spend forever with them, must be heartbreaking."

As I was saying... the fact that we take our loved ones for granted, is basically freaking ridiculous. It's probably one of the most worst things one can do. So, I promise myself– not to go to sleep angry, or close doors without saying, I love you and Good-bye. No silly hang-ups and storming off upset. It's immature and it's not worth it. Cherish your loved ones. They are God's gift to us.

I will now appropriately post a pic of me + my love! <3

P.S. You know you love it! We're super proud of this self-timer+jump photo :)


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