Our Wedding Venue: The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

/ Friday, January 25, 2013 /
It's interesting that people seem to want to know how and why we chose our wedding venue. How? I google'd my ass off! Literally. I initially was searching for a small, quaint inn or hotel, by the water, convenient for out of town guests, but feels like "California", casual and comfortable. Did I mention we're planning this is NYC? As I read review after review, of every single waterfront hotel and inn in the Orange County area...which then easily spilled over to the entire Southern California– I realized, do I really want to get married in a hotel? I didn't really want, rustic, or hipster-modern, or ultra-modern, or ballroom, or a barn, or the beach...I definitely did not want an on-the-beach ceremony... I just wanted... whatever I couldn't find...

Just when I thought all hope was lost... mostly due to price– (but honestly, if it was perfect, minus the price, of course I would have considered it...ha, let's be real.) I came across, the life-saver.
< She logged every place in Southern California, you can get married, period. THANK YOU!

Griffith Observatory. Empire State Building. Rockefeller Centre. Mont Juic. Eiffel Tower. I love that feeling, of being a little bit closer to the sky, juuuuust a little bit closer to God. The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, is a park at the peak of 511 ft. The building itself is modern architecture, reminds me of the NYC < Highline. It's not a barn, and it's not the beach, but it's entirely nature on top of a hill, with 360 views of the California, skyscrapers, mountains, Pacific and Catalina Island, and the Hollywood Hills.

There's a also a stair climb, if you'd like to hike to our wedding.

Actually, I wouldn't mind attempting this one day?

Anyways, so this is the spot. Super excited :)


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