Say Yes/Maybe to the Dress!

/ Friday, March 1, 2013 /
I tried on wedding gowns. (Ahhh!) I was able to get a Saturday appointment at Lovely, about 3 weeks in advance. I did want a small boutique feel, but more importantly they carry Watters gowns. Anyhow, so on this blisteringly windy, and quite frankly absolutely– gross day.... my mom and my bestie bridesmaid made it to the cutie shop in the village....... Awkward. Haha. Not the shop, but the first try-on......Weird! The first gown was, very detailed, very pretty. Too pretty, at the time. I was incredibly uncomfortable with the experience and my head was all out of sorts... durf. Sweating. Not attractive. By any means.......After the 2nd gown, I started to feel better, ha, and it was actually quite fun. My stylist wasn't incredibly friendly, but was very helpful and sweet. Actually, I am in all seriousness, considering, highly-considering that first dress... so we'll see...


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