Must-Dos for 2013

/ Monday, December 3, 2012 /
1. Use less emoticons :(
Haha. I love them, and it's not that I use them excessively, or inappropriately... but, I feel like cutting down on them, subconsciously... is way to validate my writing skills, and professionalism. (This is not including emoji on the iPhone!)

2. Get rid of my left mole.
Take care of my skin. I must have had this on my list for the past 3 years, but let's turn it up even further. Avoid sleeping on my face. Actually apply eye cream daily. Get rid of my left mole :( I gotta live as glamorous as possible for as long as possible!

3. Less sugar.
Omg. Although I've been pretty steady on the health front, one thing I do not compromise, is the sugar. I love the savory sweets and the cakes and the cookies...well, as I suspect I may have to go into bridal bootcamp mode, and I'm going to curb the sugar intake... le sigh.

4. Familia.
Blood is blood. *Gang sign* I realize getting older, means everyone older than me, too, is getting older. Cherishing loved ones is always underrated.

I'll add more as the time comes. Happy End of the Year :)


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